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Several links to Burials in Tameside and Graveyard Inscriptions. see contents page

John Gregory's story and the failed Franklyn Expedition to find the North West Passage - see home page.

Mine and Kate Booth's book about Tameside's Extraordinary Women, digitised to download here for free

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Starting a new Section about Family Histories of families connected with Old Chapel Dukinfield with the Bradbury Family

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All pages reviewed of up-dated

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Just thought people may be interested in this article about the cotton queens of this area
Britain's First Cotton Queen
It’s an interesting website too with lots of other interesting articles.

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POOR LAW - NEW Section on Contents page
Poor Law Assessment 1618
Poor Law Parish Accounts 1834
Regular and Casual Poor 1834
On the Tramp 1834
Long Stay Occupants 1861
Tales from Ashton Poor Law Guardians "Five Pence per Day"
Tales from Ashton Poor Law Guardians "Refusal to Remove a body"

You can also visit my download page for a series of reviewed and up-dated research guides, also Newsletters for September 2014, October 2014, November 2014, December 2014, January 2015, March 2015.- lots of information contained in them about new resources added to FindMyPast and Ancestry.

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New page added about searching via the new Find My Past website

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Visit our Tameside History Forum webpage to discover what is happening during Heritage Open Days in September and to checkout a new page where I have been gathering together as many of the World War One Commemorative projects happening in Tameside as possible.

I researched the names on the Ashton Grammar School WW1 Memorial in partnership with Portland Basin Museum, drama group "Two Boards and a Passion", and the current Sixth Form Drama Students. Visit this page to find out the full details. Click here to visit

Information re US Citizenship

Gen Guide to Bastardy Bonds and Poor Law

The history of Nursing

Nursing History Achives

London East End

Dates for Genealogists

Photo and Image Restoration

Victorian Police Stations

UK Adoptions Register

Aerial Photos of Tameside

Quakers in Britain

Social History mapper of London Social history Maps of London

Baths and Washhouses History

Companion site to by Peter Higginbotham

Latest Up-dates April 2014

Complete list of Officers and Men Ashton Pals Battalion 1914

Latest Up-dates April 2014

All research guides on the contents page reviewed or up-dated and up-dated guides are available to download here. Also the last few months' newsletters on the same page.

New Websites April 2014

Film Animation of Our History in two minutes. Brilliant student project.

Mayflower History

Reconstructed Passenger list of the Welcome - William Pen's voyage from Deal to Pennsylvania

New Websites January 2014

The History of Europe in ten minutes via an animated video map

Ethinicity map and origins of North Americans

The Men Behind the Medals - biopics of Manchester Regiment Heroes

Index of Digitised and indexed British and Irish Newspapers

Peer Genealogy Software Reviews

49,000 Irish Casualties of World War One

Latest Up-Dates 15 September 2013

Major Milestone. CheshireBMD Project, all Mother's Maiden Names now added for Tameside up until the formation of Tameside in 1974.

Please see the main contents page to view newly up-dated pages and also the download page for newly downloadable pages.

New Websites

North West Family Businesses

Free Genealogy Magazine

Friends of Angel Meadow

Ethnic Groups in the USA

Mother and Baby Homes in the UK

Ireland, Ceylon and indian ancestry

Prescot Roll of Honour

Coats of Arms

British Genealogy Forums

Changing Ashton-under-Lyne Street Names

Origins of Ashton-under-Lyne Street Names

Scotlands Places

One Place Studies

South Derbyshire Census and Hearth Tax

Latest Up-Dates 24 April 2013

Cheshire BMD Up-dates

Replaced 9,688 for Audenshaw, registers at Tameside (1937-1951) to add mother's maiden name added 20 March 2013

Replaced 12,190 for Audenshaw, registers at Tameside (1929-1974) to add mother's maiden name added 21 April 2013

New Web Links added

Measuring Worth purchasing power from 1245 to the present day
Look4People Tracing Agents and Probate Researchers
The Blacksmiths Index
Black Country History
Levenshulme History Then and Now
The Foundling Museum
Australian Cemeteries
Canadian Headstones Project
The Heraldry Society
My Methodist History
Land of Maps
South Derbyshire Hearth Tax Transcriptions
Landed Families of Britain and Ireland
Say NO to 0870
1641 Depositions Trinity College Dublin Depositions in 1641 by Protestants from the Catholic Rebellion
Catholic History Sociey
Lambeth Palace Library
Unitarian History
University of Manchester Maps Collection

Latest Up-Dates 22 February 2013

Cheshire BMD Up-dates

Replaced 3,634 for Dukinfield, registers at Tameside (1937-1969) to add mother's maiden name
Replaced 795 for Dukinfield & Stalybridge, registers at Tameside (1969-1974) to add mother's maiden name
Replaced 6,044 for Stalybridge, registers at Tameside (1937-1969) to add mother's maiden name
Replaced 31,960 for Ashton Town, registers at Tameside (1897-1937) to add mother's maiden name
Replaced 20,233 for Hyde, registers at Tameside (1902-1974) to add mother's maiden name

Find My Past has released the first tranche of their Criminal Records from 20 February 2013
"We've just launched our latest groundbreaking collection: over half a million historical records of criminals and their victims.

Today marks the culmination of our two-year project to scan and transcribe original records from The National Archives. We've made the records available online for the first time, and is the only place you can view these fascinating documents."

Eventually this collection will hold two and a half million records.

Ancestry has just released the parish records for the Manchesters Diocese including all those at the Cathedral:

Manchester, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1915 1702491
Manchester, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1985 917791
Manchester, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1573-1812 (Cathedral) 376533
Manchester, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1901 (Cathedral) 282956
Manchester, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1930 (Cathedral) 409330
Manchester, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1866 (Cathedral) 42850
Manchester, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1541-1812 1186882
Manchester, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1930 1437698

check this page for other recent additions

New Websites

Mapping the London Blitz:
National fairground Archive:
National Archives trialling collections by Map:
Baptist Family History:
Rylands Library On-line Image collections:
Beautiful British Library Literature Timeline:
Navy Records On-line:
Irish Newspapers On-line:
Two Hundred Years of Irish Immigration:
Your Female Ancestors Nicknames:
Past On Paper:
Northern Ireland Will Calendars:
Romanies Reunited:
Adoption Search and Reunion:
World Time Maps of History:

Latest Up-Dates November 2012

Cheshire BMD Up-dates

Replaced 12,727 for Stalybridge, registers at Tameside (1907-1937) to add mother's maiden name - October 16th 2012

26 for Hyde, Flowery Field Christian Church, registers at Tameside (2008-2012)

Replaced 10,722 for Dukinfield, registers at Tameside (1907-1937) to add mother's maiden name 9 November 2012

Find My Past adds the British Newspaper Collection

British Solid's partnership with the British Newspaper Library at Collindale, Eventually the project hopes to digitally reproduce and index 40 million pages from the newspapers in their collection. Nearly six million pages are complete so far and are available via their pay site: but as from 7th November they are available at to no extra cost to anyone with a full or worldwide subscription to FindMyPast. Only to individuals who subscribe - they are not available via library and community subscriptions

Irish Lives Remembered

Excellent high quality magazine - free to download.

TNA podcast - Marriages 1700-1836

The latest National Archives ( podcast from Kew is entitled Tracing marriages; legal requirements and actual practice, 1700-1836. Really excellent at debunking some myths as to broomstick and handfast marriages and the changes introduced by the Hardwick Marriage Act of 1753.

The podcast is at or downloadable from iTunes.

Launch of the Wills and Testaments for 1902 to 1925

We’re delighted to announce that the Wills and Testaments for 1902 to 1925 have just been launched on the Scotland's People website.

National Archives of Ireland - major new genealogy site launched

Jimmy Deenihan TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in Ireland has just formally launched the National Archives of Ireland's new dedicated genealogy website at

The following collections are now freely available to view on the site:

  • Census records for 1901 and 1911
  • Tithe Applotment Books for 1823 to 1837
  • Soldiers’ Wills for 1914 to 1917

The first links to the already established website at but the latter two are newly released 8 November. The Tithe Applotment Books in particular are a major resource, being an early 19th century precursor to Griffiths Valuation for the first time these are the images from the books, and not just the indexes found on other sites.

Joining the site in the near future will be:

  • Calendars of Wills and Administrations (1858– 1922)
  • Nineteenth-century census survivals (1821-1851)
  • Valuation Office House and Field Books (1848–1860)
  • Census Search Forms for the 1841 and 1851 Censuses.

Latest Up-Dates 22 September 2012

All the links on my family history links page have been checked for dead links - everyone should be up-to-date now

Latest Up-Dates 19 August 2012

Darris G Williams' Welsh Family History blog
Michael Hait's Blog, this entry encourages people to use Ancestry's NEW SEARCH
Cheshire Links Page
Plans to put the India Office Records for the Gulf States on-line

Latest Up-Dates 11 June 2012

Ancestry have now extended their indexing of the National Post 1858 Wills and Probate Calendars from 1941-1966 and added a new collection of Electoral Registers, mainly made up of pre 1872 registers before the existence of secret balllots. You can keep an eye on their collections updates by visiting this page

FindMyPast have added to their Cheshire Collection by making all their Wills and Probate records available to download in full. They are constantly adding to their colllections visit this page to see their other new additions.

New Web Links added

British Library web archive
Wills indexing Project
The Hat Site
Digital Gallery of Scotland
International Gravestone Photographic Project
Online Database of Far East Prisoners of War
Nick Barrett's Web Vodcasts
OS map grid references from POST Codes
Guide to our Industrial Heritage
An up-date of the National Archives new Discovery Search Portal

Latest Up-Dates 7 April 2012

many of the pages on Researching in Tameside have been up-dated:

  • Civil Registration
  • Census Returns
  • Burials
  • Understanging the IGI
  • Newspapers
  • Maps
  • Wills
  • Parish Registers
  • Trade Directories

Similarly the downloadable versions of these.

Visit Tameside Local History Forum's webpage to find out the latest up-dates and news from heritage events in Tameside.

New Websites

Lancashire Record Office Catalogue Online.

American Census Returns Bright Solid's first venture nto the USA

Genealogy Software Reviews top ten family tree software reviews

Latest Up-Dates 13 January 2012

The final column of the 1911 census has been revealed at Find My Past

New Websites

Family History Activities for Children

Manchester Historical Maps page

Welsh Language and Translations

Historic Counties Map

13 January 2012

Latest Up-Dates 26 November 2011

many of the pages on Researching in Tameside have been up-dated:

  • Civil Registration
  • Census Returns
  • Burials
  • Understanging the IGI
  • Newspapers
  • Maps
  • Wills
  • Parish Registers

Similarly the downloadable versions of these.

Cheshire BMD Up-date

Last month's latest up-date: Births: Replaced 65,314 for Hyde, registers at Tameside (1837-1937) to add mother's maiden name

NEW Websites

Where to write for Vital Records in America

Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland

The Pub History Society

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (Australia)

The Isle of Man Family History Society

26 November 2011

Latest Up-Dates 23 October 2011

The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Fri 7 Oct 2011 and currently contains 206,977,723 distinct records (262,641,105 total records).

Cheshire BMD Births: Replaced 65,314 for Hyde, registers at Tameside (1837-1937) to add mother's maiden name.

Cheshire Records on Family Search

This week the images to the Cheshire Parish Registers from the new Family Search website are now on-line and searchable via FindMyPast:

About the Cheshire Record Collections

Search Baptisms

Search Marriages

Search Burials

Find My Past - Ireland

Have launched online for the first time the Irish Prison Registers 1790-1920, one of the greatest untapped resources for those tracing their Irish roots.

The original Prison Registers, held at the National Archives of Ireland, cover all types of custodial institutions, from bridewells, to county prisons, to sanatoriums for alcoholics. They contain over 3.5 million entries, spread over 130,000 pages, with most records giving comprehensive details of the prisoner, including: name, address, place of birth, occupation, religion, education, age, physical description, name and address of next of kin, crime committed, sentence, dates of committal and release/decease.

The registers offer a real insight into 18th-19th century Ireland. They present evidence of a society of rebellion and social confrontation, where rioting and assault of police officers were everyday occurrences, and of widespread poverty and destitution, with the theft of everything from handkerchiefs to turnips.

The reasons for incarceration cover all types of crime but unsurprisingly the most common offence was drunkenness, which accounted for over 30% of all crimes reported and over 25% of incarcerations. The top five offences recorded in the registers are:

  • 1. Drunkenness - 25%
  • 2. Theft - 16%
  • 3. Assault - 12%
  • 4. Vagrancy - 8%
  • 5. Rioting - 4%

23 October 2011

Latest Up-Dates September 2011

Cheshire BMD Ian Hartas has added increase functionality this month which will be rolled out over other other counties soon. You can now search right down to individual sub-registration districts and individual marriage venues

The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Sat 10 Sep 2011 and currently contains 205,939,729 distinct records (261,403,593 total records).

Manchester records now at FindMyPast

Findmypast have added nearly one and a half million records from the Manchester area. There's a strong emphasis on workhouse and prison records, so you're more likely to find ancestors who were at the lower-end of the social scale, but there are also school registers, cemetery records, and parish register transcripts (mainly for Oldham St Mary).

The images to the NEW Cheshire records on Family Search will soon start appearing on Find My Past perhaps as early as October

Scottish censuses coming soon? Findmypast are planning to add transcriptions of the 1841-1901 Scotland censuses - these will be brand-new transcriptions. Obviously it's too early to say whether they will be better than the transcriptions at Ancestry -but simply having an alternative will be an enormous help.

What a shame that the General Register Office for Scotland has never allowed FamilySearch to publish their version of the 1881 Scotland Census online! The short-sightedness of GROS has also prevented Ancestry publishing images from the Scotland census; I hope they might eventually allow Find My Past to include the census images or at least have a subscription option to Scotland's People in addiditon to credits. After all both are owned by Bright Solid.

Ancestry charge for access to free Irish records!

Ancestry added 25 million Irish records - but what they didn't make clear is that almost all of the records they've added are already available free at the FamilySearch site!

New Websites this month:

British Genes Blogspot Chris Paton's excellent family history blog a companion to his Scottish Genes website.

The Association of European Migration Studies

The History of English in Ten Minutes funny and entertaining guide in ten one-minute blocks

The Town Crier's Last Post honouring those who came before.

25 September 2011

Latest up-dates and new links:

All the Downloadable Research Guides have been updated click here. I've now split these into Beginners and More Experienced sections and have started to add guides showing examples of various types of records. I have also added the latest copies of my Dukinfield Group newsletters for June and July.

Lots of sections about researching your Family History in Tameside on the main contents page have also been brought up-to-date at the same time:

  • Getting Started,
  • Civil Registration,
  • Parish Registers,
  • International Genealogical Index and New Family Search,
  • Trade Directories,
  • Newspapers,
  • Wills and Probate Records,
  • Maps.

New Series of WDYTYA start on Wednesday 10 August BBC1 at 9.00pm with June Brown (Dot Cotton from Eastenders). Keep a close eye out for August episodes - one has a strong Tameside link.

I have nearly finished organising our 2011-2012 programme for Tameside and deatails will appear on the Family History Society of Cheshire page very soon: click on Groups and then Dukinfield.

Tameside Local History Forum is hosting a Heritage Fair on Saturday 1st October at Albion URC. click here for a flyer

New Websites added this Month

Flat Caps and Bonnets Compilations for sale of out of copyright PDF books mostly sourced from

People Tracer Brand new website to help people to trace living ancestors or missing friends or relatives, access to the edited version of the Electoral Roll 2003-2011 with links to Google Street View. Much cheaper than via

The National Centre for Geocomputation - Irish Statistical Maps around the time of the Famine. Particularly look up the NCG Online Atlas Portal.

Barnett Maritime Len Barnett's website - an experienced freelance maritime researcher.

Ancestry has launched a major new record set, UK Railway Employment Records 1833-1963, searchable here (or via the Occupations gateway page at

6 August 2011

Latest up-dates and new links:

Who Do You Think You Are magazine

This website and our forum was mentioned in the June issue of the Who Do You Think You Are magazine Jill Delsoldata has had her Reader's Story published for which she credits this website and the help she recieved from our Forum, and also some pretty positive comments about Stalybridge. Thank you Jill.

Marriage Locator

Anyone with ancestors who married within counties covered by the UKBMD project are often lucky enough to avoid paying £9.00 for a marriage certificate by using the venue information and references to search the relevant church microfilm.

A new initiative by the Guild of One Named Studies is unlocking the code in the GRO indexes. Aimed at interpreting the Marriage Index created by the GRO, by using it you can determine where your ancestors were married not just the Registration District but the actual church. The full details of how they are cracking this code are explained on-line.

This only applies for Church of England marriages between 1837 and 1911. The project was started by volunteers in the East End of London, so this is the most complete area so far. Coverage of other areas will increase over time.

Convict Records

Indexed by volunteers at the State Library of Queensland, compiled from British Home Office HO11 Criminal and Convict Transportation Records.

Not all records of Transportation survive but this database contains over 123,000 out of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported to Australia. Covering 1787-1867, these include prisoners sent to New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Moreton Bay (Brisbane), Port Phillip. Western Australia and Norfolk Island. Also recorded are some ships which were bound for Gibraltar and records of court-martialled soldiers sentenced to transportation convicted in British Colonies.

  • Name of convict, including any known aliases
  • Place of trial *
  • Term of years
  • Name of ship and date of departure
  • Place of arrival
  • Miscellaneous notes e.g. Died at sea; Ticket of Leave, etc

*The date of trial is recorded in the records and will be added over time.

New Additions to Lancashire On-line Parish clerks

Marriages 1921 to 1933 from Stamford St Methodist New Connexion in the Parish of Ashton under Lyne.

Marriages 1919 to 1923 from Stamford St Wesleyan Methodist in the Parish of Ashton under Lyne.

Ancestry New Additions:

  • London Deanery Wills
  • West Yorkshire Parish Registers
  • Liverpool Parish Registers
  • Dorset Parish Registers and Wills

Find My Past

Have added the National Archives series WO96 of British Army Militia Records 1760-1915. The Militia was the forerunner to the Territorial Army.

They are planning to index Welsh Parish Registers and have started with Montgomeryshire.

The Life Tree - A Library of Lives

New free and simple to use site – The Life Tree – A Library of Lives, for life stories (autobiographies and biographies). For your story or those of parents/grandparents, photographs and video can also be added.

The intention of The Life Tree is to be a lasting repository of life stories for present and future generations to view; in order to build a real history of the lives and times of people.

HMS Victory - not just the history of HMS Victory, but a snapshot of the Royal Navy at the time.

New irish Research Links

New Family Search - civil birth indexes 1864-1958 ROI (marriages from 1845); 1864-1922 NI (Church of Ireland Marriages marriages from 1845). Click on Europe and scroll down to Ireland.

History from Headstones burials in the north.

Irish Graveyards - all Ireland burials.

Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin Pay per view, burials from 1828 to present day.

Belfast City Council burial records for City Cemetery, Dundonald and Roselawn cemeteries.

Belfast and NI directories 1805-1918

19th Century Newspapers including Belfast Newsletter and The Freeman's Journal (Dublin based) Free access if subscribe to National Library of Scotland's licensed online digital collections at

Poor law union maps (replace last digit 1 with 2 and 3 for additional maps).

7 July 2011

Tameside History Forum Everything about history and Heritage in Tameside - regularly up-dated with local news and events.

Latest Cheshire BMD news from our Tameside team. Mother's maiden names added to Dukinfield births.

Find My Past - Ireland Low Key Launch, subscriptions lower than for the UK version, but not a great deal here yet.

Liverpool History Projects Including transcriptions of RC Registers - a resource for Irish Immigrants into Liverpool.

Army Children Graves Register Launch of the Army Children Graves Register.

Convict Records new resource to help trace Convict Ancestors.

Medieval Women's Letters

National Library of Scotland - Post office Directories

Papers Past one million digitised pages of 61 New Zealand Newspapers 1839-1945.

The Watt Library BMD Index compiled from entries in local Scottish newspapers from the early 19th century to around 1913.

Australian Cemetery Index

New South Wales BMD Index. register of births 1788-1910, marriages 1788-1960, deaths 1788-1980 searching is free certificates cost.

Glasgow West Address Index - searchable 1844-1915.

7 July 2011

All Family History Links tested and up-dated and eleven new weblinks added. click to visit

New Cheshire Family History Community Toolbar

Our Family History Society of Cheshire new toolbar now containing circa 350 good quality web links aimed at Cheshire researchers. It sits neatly near the top of your browser window, is always there and does all the work for you.

It will work if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows. If you have an Apple Mac then it only works with Safari. Once you've installed it you need do nothing more, it will be automatically up-dated with new links as it continues to develop. New this month it is now in beta testing to work with CHROME browser - not quite as customisable as with IE etc, but all the links work.

You can download it here: Better still visit our website: You can use the left-hand menu item, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see a preview of what your toolbar will look like, then click on the banner to install. It only takes a minute.

We've also added a series of Twitter feeds from Family History organisations for you to keep up-to-date with new releases and developments.

28 February 2011

Latest up-dates and new links:

Brand New and Improved Cheshire Surnames List launched 13th November 2010 Really easy to use and up-date your own entries.

14 November 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

New Cheshire Family History Community Toolbar

Our Family History Society of Cheshire has been working over the last few days on a new toolbar containing 200+ good quality web links aimed at Cheshire researchers. It sits neatly near the top of your browser window, is always there and does all the work for you.

It will work if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows. If you have an Apple Mac then it only works with Safari. Once you've installed it you need do nothing more, it will be automatically up-dated with new links as it continues to develop.

You can download it here: Better still visit our website: You can use the left-hand menu item, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see a preview of what your toolbar will look like, then click on the banner to install. It only takes a minute.

We've also added a series of Twitter feeds from Family History organisations for you to keep up-to-date with new releases and developments.

Important News from Cheshire BMD

Cheshire BMD – celebrates its 10th anniversary on 15th October 2010. From its small beginnings in 2000 it has continued to grow steadily over the years as volunteers from the Family History Society of Cheshire work with local register offices to put online the birth, marriage and death indexes based on the original records held by local register offices.

Also a recent announcement from Bob Kirk:

The latest announcement of updates to CheshireBMD is a major milestone for the Tameside Registration district. These additions complete the Indexing of the BMD records of the Tameside Register Office which is one of the few Register Offices to have all their deposited registers indexed and online

We believe there are about one and half million BMD events in the index. If you find one we've missed do let us know :o) Congratulations and Thanks to ALL the volunteers who have helped in this task. It only took us nine years but we made it in the end

Dont worry, we aren't retiring. The Team are now revisiting the birth indexes and inserting the maiden names.

The full Tameside statistics:

  • Births: 761,743
  • Marriages: 251,386
  • Deaths: 544,026
  • Grand Total for Tameside of 1,557,155

Total on CheshireBMD 5,890,344 so more than a quarter of the Cheshire entries are from Tameside.

The counties now involved in the UKBMD Project are: Bath, Berkshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Staffordshire. West Midlands, Wiltshire, Yorkshire. And NEW to be launched on 15th October CumbriaBMD.

F R Raines’ Lancashire Manuscripts

Peter Davenport from the Family History Society of Cheshire has scanned the forty-four volumes of Canon Raines’ collection which is at Chetham’s Library which has kindly given him permission to produce a DVD for sale by our Society. See our website for more details.

New Website about English Mills

The designer is slowly getting images together and hopefully going to get permission to take some pictures inside of some of these mills and to try and photograph any old documents relating to them. The website is very new, but already has 226 images of North West Mills starting with mills in Tameside: www.english

26 October 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

New at Ancestry - Australian Convict Transportation Registers – First Fleet, 1787-1788 This database contains Australian convict transportation registers for the First Fleet of ships. Information available in these registers includes: name of convict, date and place of conviction, term of sentence, name of ship on which sailed, departure date, name of colony sent to.

F R Raines' Lancashire Manuscripts - Peter Davenport from the Family History Society of Cheshire has scanned the forty-four volumes of Canon Raines' collection which is at Chetham's Library. They have kindly given him permission to produce a DVD for sale.

Mainly South East Lancashire, the collection also contains material from other counties such as Cheshire and Yorkshire. F R Raines was the Vicar of Milnrow in Lancs from 1832 - 1878 and had access to the records of many of the leading gentry families. He also transcribed some Parish Records. Over nearly fifty years he transcribed and made notes on a vast number of records, some of which have since disappeared. Peter has also scanned the index but recommends that you browse around the entry for full value. This DVD is an excellent resource for only £20. Our grateful thanks to Peter for all his hard work. please visit the Cheshire Family History Website for more details.

Family Search Beta have recently started to add Manchester Parish Register films to their new site which are approximately 29 per cent complete. I haven't tried to find out yet which parishes have been added.

New this month at Find My Past Over 857,000 new Devon parish records published on the site

Just published 857,603 new Devon parish records provided by The Devon Family History Society.

Search for your Devon ancestors in 363,015 baptism records for 1813-1839, 271,193 marriage records for 1754-1837 and 223,395 burial records for 1813-1837.

Adding thousands of records to this collection every month, mostly from indexed Family History Society sources.

26 September 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

New Research Guides about family history topics are available on the DOWNLOAD page.

Check out the main CONTENTS page or up-dated information pages and new ones added about Trade Directories, Newspapers, Maps.

FAMILY HISTORY LINKS page has been fully checked for broken links etc.

New Links

Twentieth Centry Images.

National Archives of Australia.

National Archives Beta Labs site.

London Ancestor - excellent municipal boundary maps, including Cheshire, Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester and Liverpool etc.

ALAN GODFREY MAPS: excellent value at around £2. 25 per map

WHERE’S THE PATH? Displays OS maps and Google aerial images side by side and works comfortably and intuitively, to see the clear OS view moving in synchrony with the Google aerial image and with synchronised cursors and live coordinates. Each window can be scaled separately, with the wider view showing an outline window delineating the coverage of the more zoomed one. Several different map types can be selected including the very useful option of 1930s and 1940s OS maps.

Ancient Cheshire Parishes.

Brits in South America.

New Zealand Goldminers.

Irish Genealogy Parish Registers; Dublin and Kerry,Cork and Ross, and Carlow.

Poor Law correspondance papers held at the National Archives

Guardian Digital Archive - scroll to bottom of page and click on Digital Archive. You can search the Guardian from 1821 and the Sunday Observer from 1791 - both up until 2000. This is also a pay site costing for various timed passes from £7.95 - £49.95. It is, though, free to search on-line from any Manchester Libraries, but not from home.

Manchester Central Library you can join the Manchester Council 24 Hour Library for free and have access to several reference sources including the Times Digital Archive 1785-1985. Similarly the Times Digital Archive is available via Cheshire Library membership.

Lancashire On-line Reference Library - join their On-line Reference Library – you don’t have to live in Lancashire. Their on-line archive includes the Times Digital, the British 19th Century collection and the 17th/18th Burney Collection.

Liverpool Chronicle extracts this is a wonderful personal project by Caryl Williams who has indexed masses of entries from the early Liverpool Chronicle. Not just extracts from newspapers, but almost a one-stop Liverpool resource for family historians.

20 August 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

New at Ancestry - but only on the World Wide Edition.

Australia, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes:

No country has stronger links to the UK than Australia — British people were largely responsible for populating the former colony through the 19th and 20th centuries. This new collection is the first time you’ve been able to search vital events from around the country in a single place.

Nova Scotia Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, 1763–1957

Today, more than 4.5 million Canadians claim Scottish roots. This focus is particularly apparent in Nova Scotia — not surprising, given that its name means ‘New Scotland’. Our collection of vital events will help you trace both emigrant forebears and living Canadian cousins.

Casualties of the Boer War, 1899–1902

The Second Boer War is a major milestone in the history of the British Armed Forces. More troops were sent overseas than in any previous conflict. This had a huge effect on the 1901 Census — if your male ancestors are missing from that record, they may well have been fighting in South Africa. These casualty lists detail over 50,000 men who were killed, wounded or captured.

Familyrelatives is proud to announce the addition of 2,000,000 New Navy Records spanning over 160 years.

The records of commissioned officers of the Royal Navy dating back 163 years have been published online for the first time by Family is pleased to release the most comprehensive online collection of Royal Navy Lists from 1847 to 1945. More than 2 million names are included in the Lists which date from the mid - 19th Century (or the Eleventh Period in Navy History) when Britain was involved in a number of conflicts.

Find My Past

Fully indexed birth records now on

From today there is a significant change in how you can access our birth records. You can now search fully indexed birth records for 1837 to 2006 on

We're confident that these records will vastly improve your experience of researching your family history. Viewing each result will cost five credits. You can still browse the originals and check the transcriptions against the improved greyscale images. To view each result will cost one credit.

Fully indexing the birth records involved rescanning 170 years of records and transcribing the quarter of a billion names within them. Over 1,000 people have worked on this exciting two-year project.

Find My Past should also release individually indexed marriage ad death registers later this year.

London Lives 1690-1800

Sources for London Lives include poverty, crime, social policy, apprenticeships etc. A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and fifteen datasets, giving access to 3.35 million names.

Cocker Hill, Stalybridge

New website full of fascinating, photographs, stories and historical facts about the very oldest part of Stalybridge. Quote from the author:

I dug around, and found that the whole area has a fascinating history; riots, Bodysnatchers, Chartists, unpopular vicars, rooms of .. ahem … ill repute, the rise and fall of the Industrial Revolution with its ‘dark Satanic mills’. The more I discovered, the more fascinating it seems.

16 July 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

My pages about civil registration and census returns have both been up-dated.

Tameside BMD Project Bob Kirk's latest up-date is that mothers' maiden names have been added to all the birth registration in Stayley 1837-1882

Latest News for the Web

History Pin - a new development for Google maps and Street View. Pin your History to the World

Historypin invites you to dig out, upload and pin your old photos, as well as the stories behind them, onto the Historypin map. Uniquely, the site allows you to layer your old images onto modern Street View scenes, revealing a series of windows into the past.

Irish 1901 Census

News from the Irish National Archives: All thirty-two counties for 1901 were launched last Friday 3rd June. All thirty-two counties for 1911 have been available on this site for some time now. Click on search census and then there is a drop down menu for which ever year you want to search. Both are totally free to search. I’ve found my granddad at last as a little drummer boy at the barracks in Armagh, sadly though it now looks like he wasn’t great granny’s child and I can’t find a birth registration for him anywhere on the Record Search Pilot site.

British Newspaper Library

A New 10 Year Project being undertaken by Bright Solid the parent company of FindMyPast. looks as though these will eventually end up on FindMyPast.

Other News from FindMyPast

Since last month they have released two new batches of Chelsea Pensioner’s records:

WO97 1873-1882	97,515	540,423	Now
WO97 1883-1900	312,909	2,218,606	Now
WO97 1855-1872	65,000	400,000	Now
WO97 1760-1854	184,000	1.2 million	By July 2010
WO97 1901-1913	303,000	2.1 million	By August 2010
WO96 1806-1915	500,000	3.5 million	By Sept 2011

The Royal Marine Medal Roll 1914-1920 is now on

You can now find the complete World War I Campaign Medal Rolls for the Royal Marines on The database contains the names of over 75,000 Royal Marine Officers, NCOs and other ranks, and provides a complete listing of all Royal Marines who served in WW1. Added to the transcripts of these records are service details for a large number of men, particularly those killed in action or died of wounds during WW1 and in many cases post-war deaths and WW2 deaths are noted. The medals covered by the rolls are: the 1914 Star, the Clasp to the 1914 Star, the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks have added two new lots of data for Tameside. The burials at Denton St Lawrence Church 1812-1842 and marriages at Ashton St Michael’s 1827-1832

Family Search Record Search Pilot have just started a new indexing project – Manchester Parish Registers 1813-1925 – this is a long-term project which will be interesting to see how it develops.

Jamaican Family History - Asked for information as to how to research Jamaican family history. This site seems to be pretty comprehensive, it’s a pay site, but not too dear – a kind of mini Ancestry for Jamaica.

New Zealand Newspapers - This has mentioned in several places, access free to an archive of New Zealand newspapers. Quite a lot of reporting of things back in England.

Lancashire Businesses online - The University of Manchester has placed the records of 3000 small businesses between 1760 and 1820 online - most relating to Manchester and Liverpool. You can search via name, business and document for your grocer or wheelwright and read documents related to them. If you had any middling type families in Manchester or Liverpool at this time you could be very lucky and find a copy of original documents relating to them.

21 June 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

Bob Kirk's latest up-date is that all Births, Deaths, Civil and Church of England marriages are now complete from 1837-2009 - only the marriages in other various denominations 1974-2009 left to add. Well done!!

New Link

Wedding fashions from a series of phototgraphs from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

6 May 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

The following pages have been completely up-dated:

14 April 2010

Latest up-dates and new links:

***** Tameside BMD Project *****

ALL births 1837-2007 and deaths from 1837 - 2009 have been transcribed and are available to search via: Cheshire BMD. Click here for more details.

Just a few deposited church marriage registers to add and these will soon be complete.

New Link

Photographs of Wedding Fashions over the years from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

6 May 2010

Latest Additions to Cheshire BMD: Deaths: 9,543 for Tameside, registers at Tameside (1974-1991)

Recent additions to the collection of online databases provided by Cheshire Record Office include:
- Cheshire trade directories, late 18th-mid 19th centuries
- Chester City Gaol registers, 1808-1842
- Crewe Railway Works staff registers, 1890-1928
- Military records, 16th-19th centuries

They can be found at click to go to Cheshire RO search page

The databases are still being added to, excepting the Railway Works, and the Record Office hopes to see the results in another 12 months or so. All of the data entry was carried out by volunteers working at the Record Office.

Certificates going up in April:

From the 6 April GRO Certificates will cost a standard rate of £9.25, which represents a 33% increase. Supposedly to cover increased administration costs. Local RO Certificates will cost a little less at £9. There hasn’t been an increase since 2003, but if I think about all the work done by volunteers for both FreeBMD and UKBMD and the fact that the Family Records Centre in London closed despite their own failed digitisation programme, it makes me a bit angry. I tend to think that they have saved a considerable amount of administration time and costs over the years and increased their income five fold. This is a personal opinion only.
For further information:

Understanding the IGI Although written from an American perspective - lots here to explain the history of the International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Automated Genealogy Not a really good title for this site, but one which does give an up-to-date view of the progress of Canadian Indexes which are free to search on-line.

Pharos Tutors - approved Genealogy Course at reasonable rates.

Ancestor Search Info Excellent How to Guide - plus lots more.

Your Family History - Dr Nick Barrett's latest venture, a new and different Family History Magazine asking for contributions and queries from family historians. Sign up for a free on-line newsletter or subscribe to the magazine.

28 March 2010

Latest up-dates and new links

22 February 2010 Marriages: 1,152 for Ashton under Lyne Civil Marriage, registers at Tameside (2005-2009)
5 February 2010 Marriages: 9,982 for Ashton under Lyne Civil Marriage, registers at Tameside (1981-1993)
These now complete the Civil Marriages for Tameside uploaded to Cheshire BMD - UK Military Family History. This is Ian and Sharon Hartus' website launched 26 February 2010. Military Family History is a discipline in itself and to this end Ian and Sharon have again trawled the internet to bring you the most complete website of links to the whole range of military topics. This time they have made the site keyword searchable.

1 March 2010

Latest up-dates and new links

See contents page, for up-dated pages about Wills and Probate Records, Census Returns and Parish Registers.

Canadian Home Children

British Home Children to Australia

A Child Migration Timeline

an Introduction to Australian Shippling Lists

Manchester's 'Little Italy' Anthony Rea's wonderful webpage about Little Italy at Ancoats including history of the Ice Cream Families.

Index of Lunatic Asylums and Mental Hospitals

4 February 2010

Latest up-dates and new links

Ancestry have now completed their individual indexing of BMDs - latest additions are deaths between 1915-2006 - click here to start searching.

Three really good new links

Australian On-line Newspapers - search the newspapers archive, mostly from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Family Deeds - rescuing old deeds and documents.

The Ryerson Index - to contemporary obituries in Australian Newspapers

up-dated 6 December 2009

Three more new links

Irish Genealogy Toolkit - fabulous newish website I have justt found with all sorts of guidance for people researching their Irish Family History.

Free 1911 Census from the Irish National Archives website.

All about Cheshire wiki just started by Cheshire Record Office.

up-dated 17 November 2009

Latest up-dates and new links - free stats on visitors to your webpage.

Carlscam's Stage Coaches - wonderful new website with detailed maps and information about stage coach travel in Cheshire circa 1831.

Family Tree Charts - really good free family tree charts.

Lost Cousins - free to register and to join, enter your ancestors details from the 1881 census, and match to others with the same ancestors. They also have a very good newsletter to subscribe to.

Paint.NET - light version of photo and image editing with most of the features you would be likely to use in a professional programme like Photoshop.

On-line Probate Indexes Beta Version of National Archives Wiki showing on-line Wills Indexes.

Gen Queries One place clearing house for Genealogical Queries worldwide.

Historic maps of Ireland. At the Ordnance Survey Ireland website you can view current and historic maps of Ireland. It may take you a couple of minutes to figure out how it works, but once you have, you can switch almost instantly from a modern satellite map to one of several 19th century maps - still positioned on precisely the same point. If there's something similar available for Britain then I'd love to find it!

Early Scottish maps from the National Library of Scotland.

Aidan O'Rourke's Photographic Website with modern day photos of Manchester.

Old Photos of Manchester

1960s Manchester Music Scene

British Postal Museum Heritage and Archives

Swansea index to the Cambrian the first English Language Welsh Newspaper 1804-1914.

Complete Newgate calendar of debtors and criminals 17c-19c hosted by University of Texas at Austin.

Federation of East European Family History Societies including Anglo German.

Anglo Italian FHS

Catholic Family History Society

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain

Quaker Family History Society

The Hudson Bay Company Archives

British Columbian Archives and BMDs

New South Wales Births, Marriages and Deaths

British Settlers in Argentina

Canadian Naturalisations 1915-1932

Jamaican Genealogy

South African Genealogy

Sri Lankan Genealogy

1820 Settlers in south Africa

Huguenot Library collection hosted by the University of Central London.

Includes the enlistment papers of Britsh born servicemen who enlisted in Australia - seven from Stalybridge.

Veterans UK Service Personnel and Veterans Agency and Executive Agency for the Ministry of Defence.

Australian Defence and Merchant Navy forces WWII

Military and Naval Officers deaths worldwide from 1750

A guide to UK Military and Regimental Museums

Nursing in the Boer War

British War Graves photos supplied free of charge.

Maritime Memorials to seafarers and maritime disasters.

Cardiff Registered Ships and Mariners

Swansea Registered Ships and Mariners

35,000 Mariners copied from the Somerset Record Office by Aubrey Brown.

History of forgotten Asian, African and other foreign seamen on British Ships

East India Company Ships and their Crews.

Digital Spy - showbiz, entertainment and media news.

up-dated 15 November 2009

Latest up-dates and new links

The Western Front Association

Vital Records for Nova Scotia - excellent website with images to view online, but you do have to pay to download them.

The LDS Record Search Pilot up-dated 11 September 2009

Civil Registration up-dated 11 September 2009

The LDS Record Search Pilot This page is entirely due to the hard work of Clinton Davies who is working tirelessly trying to discover the actual coverage of the records as they are added to the website. If anyone discovers any additional information via their own searches please let Clinton know.

up-dated 3 September 2009

Details of new family history course starting in libraries in the Autumn.

Interesting Surname Database - this site has potential, but proceed with caution regarding heraldic information.

Medieval Soldiers Database - Fantastic research project listing soldiers found in the National Archives in medieval documents, right up until the battle at Agincourt, including the names of archers.

Photographs and Architectural details of Victorian County Mental Asylums.

up-dated 11 August 2009

See the CONTENTS PAGE a Memories Special about Turner Lane by Meg Gain.

A Dukinfield Rent Roll for 1717 with thanks to Irene Tansey.

Lots of pages in the Research Section up-dated.

up-dated 19 June 2009

Irish - Using English, Welsh and Scottish records to trace your Irish Ancestry.

New Zealand, Birth, Marriage and Death records on-line.

Surname Find It - computer programme help in searching for surname variants.

Queensland Government Transportation Database

British 19th Century Newspapers - subscription site but worth it if you have a weekend to spare.

Surname Thesaurus - another site to help to find that elusive surname variant.

up-dated 7th May 2009

My page on Civil Registration has been completely up-dated to include a list of important dates and the very latest information from Tameside's Cheshire BMD project.

up-dated 18 May 2009

Tameside Local History Forum brings together all matters relating to History and Heritage in Tameside and now has 30 member groups incuding, Historical, Family History and Civic Societies, Museums, Galleries, Canal and Countryside Groups. We have just produced our fourth annual glossy magazine History Alive - Tameside Copies are available at Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre or are free to download at

up-dated 1 May 2009

My Tameside Marriage Register page has now been up-dated. Bob Kirk and his team in Tameside Register Office have recently been going over the early Registrar Attended Marriages checking for any errors and ommisions, and have also been listing the various venues where the Registrar went out to conduct these marriages. He has produced a list downloadable here in PDF format. This list is very much worth reading to understand the sheer diversity of venues. The very early registers also include some chapels in Oldham since Ashton and Oldham Registration Districts were combined until 1848. Regrettably there are no Hyde venues listed, since these came under Stockport Civil Registration district. So if you are still searching for a marriage in Tameside between 1837-1879, you could try searching CheshireBMD again.

up-dated 15 April 2009

18 New Military Links added

Military-Genealogy - various rolls of honour.

National Archives - Hospital Records - for records of WW2 Nurses - also location and survival of records for most UK hospitals.

Roll of Honour - names listed on a large number of War Memorials.

Great War Digital Archive of Poetry and Memories of the Great War.

Imperial War Museum click on Family History - lots of links and help sheets.

National War Museum - army past and present.

First World - battles, propaganda, maps and photos.

Battlefields 14-18 - army structure and battles.

In Flanders Fields - from the Flanders Fields Museum in Belgium - in three languages, with information about Belgian, French, German and UK troops.

Battle of the Somme - an account with maps and photos.

Paths of Glory - some information about ID tags, pay books etc.

Family Records - Focus on Women - useful information on women's role in the war.

Red Cross - recources and photos of the Red Cross role in wartime.

Caring on the Home Front - St John's Ambulance and Red Cross activities during WW1 - click on Search the Library for numerous factsheets, video and audio clips, including a gas mask display.

Wellcome Trust - video from the Welcome Trust Library of shellshock patients taken at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Dartmoor.

Wellcome Trust - information from a past exhibition on War and Medicine.

COFEPOW - Children and Families of Far East Prisoners of War website - lots of information - click on seeking information.

Trafford War Dead - Have just found this wonderful website of nearly 7,000 names from the Boer War onwards, which have been researched by Goerge Cogswell.

up-dated 25 April 2009

Sue Bates transcriptions of her Grandmother's Wartime Vistors' Book - mostly wives of service personell at the Barracks who stayed at 130 Montague Road during World War Two.

Welsh Mariners' Index - An on-line index of 23,500 Welsh merchant masters, mates and engineers active from 1800 to 1945, compiled by Dr. Reg Davies.

Capital Punishment - The resource site for the history of capital punishment in Britain.

Derek Gillards website giving a short history of Education in England

New genealogy search engine - Full launch with hundreds of thousands of new links in April 2009!

Splashup - formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With the features professionals use and novices want.

Webuser - On-line version of Britain's best selling internet magazine.

up-dated 13 April 2009

South African Genealogy - an excellent site to begin your search for South African Records, starting with how to guides, types of records, databases and repositories.

The War Graves Photographic Project The aim of The War Graves Photographic Project is to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, MoD grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day and make these available within a searchable database.

up-dated 9 March 2009 - UK Genealogical Data and Lists. This is Ian and Sharon Hartus' brand new website, launched at Olympia last week. Basically Sharon has scoured GOOGLE for months to discover any local websites which might contain anything from Tax Lists, Trade Directories, Hearth Tax, Poor Law Returns, Bastardy, Court Records, basically any useful lists and sources which might add little colour to our family histories. This is a massive undertaking. The format is easy to use, particularly if you are also used to their UKBMD interface. Congratulations to Ian and Sharon.

I have also created a new photographic account with for members of our Tameside Family History Forum. This should be a good place to post pictures of hard to read documents or photos you hope someone will be able to identify or even a place to upload pictures of any of our Tameside ancestors. Please visit our Forum and check out the photos link.

up-dated 7 March 2009

Census page completely up-dated to include the latest information on coverage etc., on various websites and the launch of the 1911 Census

up-dated 26 January 2009

New Community Information Links

Click here or on Local Links and scroll down the page

up-dated 23 January 2009

New Web Links

World Surnames Profiler lots of fun mapping out surnames worldwide.

Naval Excellent website with masses of information regarding naval history from the Great War to the Falklands.

up-dated 15 January 2009

Old and New St Georges, Stalybridge - Burial Records and Monumental Inscriptions.

Alan Smith has been digitising George Clark's hand written copies of the burial registers and inscriptions for Old St Georges Church and the burial registers for New St Georges Church. Alan is an active member of the church congregation and also a member of the Family History Society of Cheshire.

In addition the partially complete Monumental Inscriptions for New St Georges are also now on-line and easy to search. They have only covered the south of the church up to row 12 so far and this section will be up-dated as work progresses.

These have now been released on the Churches own website click here to start searching

Two new pages added about the Dukinfield Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire:

Trade Directories now searchable on-line:

Cheshire Directories

A selection of 6 directories courtesy of the Cheshire Records Office:

  • 1822-3 Pigot's Directory of Cheshire
  • 1857 Post Office Directory of Cheshire
  • 1878 Post Office Directory of Cheshire
  • 1902 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire
  • 1906 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire
  • 1910 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire
New Announcement from Ancestry:

We’re delighted to announce the addition of the UK City and County Directories to They contain a huge amount of information about towns and villages in the UK from 1677 – 1946. They list all sorts of people who had trades, not just business and shop owners, but ordinary people such as gardeners, dressmakers and even chimney sweeps.

7.8 million names at your fingertips:

The books are part of the Archive CD books collection and were collected over six years until the company’s owner, Rod Neep, retired. There are an incredible 629 individual directories and they include the entire inventory of directories from the former Family Records Centre. It is estimated that there are at least 7.8 million names on record for you to search. And they even contain some rather well known names too, such as Charles Dickens, as well as former Prime Ministers Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone. Unfortunately, due to the amount of different directories in this collection, it is not really possible to include a sample of each type of book.

This collection is to be completed on in March 2009. All English counties are currently covered in the collection except Rutland, Leicestershire, Norfolk and Kent which will be covered in the universal directories when complete.

So far I have found the following local directories:


  • 1796 Gore's Liverpool
  • 1821 Gore's Liverpool
  • 1843 Gore's Liverpool
  • 1855 Slater's
  • 1886 Barrat's
  • 1895 Kelly's


  • 1822 Piggot's
  • 1834 Piggot's
  • 1860 White's

Click here to start searching

up-dated 11 January 2009

I have just up-dated my information page about Civil Registration to include details of the latest up-dates. Mothers' maiden names now added for Newton and Godley and Mottram-in-Longdendale sub registration districts.

up-dated 8 January 2009

The Family History of Cheshire's webpage has undergone a complete revamp, and this has meant that some information which was previously on the Dukinfield Group's pages can no longer be accommodated in the new format. I have now transferred it over here rather than losing it. Click on the two items below to find out more.

up-dated 21 November 2008

New Forum Launched

Click Here to visit my new Tameside Family History Message Board

New Web Links

Life and Death in Quarantine on Grosse Ile (Canada) 1832-1937.

Downloadable Parish Register Books from the Internet Archive

up-dated 8 November 2008

B.V.R.I. (British Vital Records Index)

The B.V.R.I. - is a collection of indexed Baptisms and Marriages as an addition to the I.G.I. (International Genealogical Index). It includes approximately 17 million christening entries and 7 million marriages . It does include quite a bit of extra post 1837 information on baptisms and marriages at Ashton St Michael, Stalybridge St Paul's, Denton Christ Church and St Lawrence, and Dukinfield St John and St Marks. Some of this is up until about 1910 so is very useful for narrowing down some information before purchasing certificates via GRO or Tameside Register Office. The marriage entries do give both father's names so pretty useful.

The BVRI information has just been added to Ancestry - Click here to search for christenings
Click here to search for Marriages

New Web Links

JOD's Black and White Graphics -

Thousands of on-line Newspapers -

Mariners' Records and Ships Lists - New South Wales -

G J Oliver: 27th September 2008

Yesterdays Journeys Very ambitious website run by Mike Spencer with indexes mostly to poor law records of settlement, removal, bastardy, wills and court records from Derbyshire Quarter Sessions. The sections includes information from all over the UK since our ancestors were far more mobile than we think particlarly the section on Vagabonds.

UK Homefront - Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia!

G J Oliver: 5th September 2008

Old Archived Books - two definitive histories are now available to download for free: Samuel Hill, Byegone Stalybridge (1907) and Thomas Middleton Annals of Hyde and district : containing historical reminiscences of Denton, Haughton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Longdendale, Bredbury, Marple, and the neighbouring townships (1899)

Family History Courses starting in Tameside Libraries in September From absolute beginners to the much more experienced. These courses are always popular so book your place now.

G J Oliver: 21 August 2008

CheshireBMD up-dates - this month's latest additions:


  • 22,781 for Audenshaw, registers at Tameside (1937-1974)

Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks - Stalybridge Parish now added with the baptisms from Ebenezer Methodist Chapel 1813-1837. - Brilliant early photographs of 1840s and 1850s America.

Museum of the Manchesters - Research Guide through the Regiment's Archives at Tameside Local Studies Library.

Canadian National Archives - Check this page for the multitude of free on-line information bases, including Census and Military and British Home Children etc.

Lancashire Historical Highways - Interesting information about the introduction of proper roads through Lancashire.

Ashton-under-Lyne Photo Blogspot - Interesting daily photo site with well researched historical captions.

Will Transcriptions New website where Will transcriptions are being collated throughout the country.

Rulers of England - Useful King List.

BMD Certificate Exchange Growing collection of surplus to requirements certificates.

Manchester Family History Research - a Manchester Record Agent's own website, but full of information about poor law and court records in Manchester Archives.

Old 78 Records as MP3s One man's project to convert his old 78rpm records collection to downloadable MP3s.

British Garden Birds - Really useful website with all the information you need to understand your garden visitors.

G J Oliver: 18 August 2008

Irish Family History Foundation website making information from county family history centres avilable on-line, now adding 1901 and 1911 census information - pay per view.

Deceased Online Website in beta testing mode, eventually hoping to unite Local Authority Burial and Cremation Databases.

G J Oliver: 3 August 2008

Stockport 1914-18 New website with biographies of Stockport Soldiers who died in the Great War.

New Church Photos added to the Longdendale Churches page for:

  • United Reformed Church, Tintwistle
  • Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1830, now in secular use

G J Oliver: 14th July 2008

These are the latest additions to ChesireBMD

  • 2,306 for Ashton and Mossley, registers at Tameside (1969-1974)
  • 6,110 for Ashton Hospital, registers at Tameside (1969-1974)

Photograph of United Reformed Church, Mount Pleasant Street, Audenshaw added to Audenshaw Church Photos page.

New Article added about the Fairfield Moravian Settlement

G J Oliver: 12th July 2008

These are the latest additions to ChesireBMD

  • 8,263 for Ashton Hospital, registers at Tameside (1961-1969)
  • 3,874 for Ashton and Mossley, registers at Tameside (1961-1969)

NEW website created: Ashton Grammar School NEW- aimed at ex Students

G J Oliver: 18th June 2008

I have now set up a discussion group for members to join. Click below to view or apply to join.

Google Groups
Subscribe to Tameside Family History
Visit this group

I have also created a group photo album for sharing. This is for people who join our community on the web.

A good idea if you are having trouble reading old documents of census entries or if you want people to try and place mystery photos. It is very easy to upload photos and even create slideshows. Photo links can also be added to your group pages.

I have also added a site search engine on my contents page to help you find what you want on this site.

G J Oliver: 12th June 2008

New Websites added 11th June 2008.

Large Scale Maps of Manchester and Salford 1857, Manchester 1922 and Liverpool 1874.

Beta Testing site for New Family Search databases - quite a lot of cheshire material is being added here. The largest free web design tutorial site.

Irish Mariners Index.

Manchester Community Forum.

The Lancashire Fusiliers website.

A Forum for Descendants of British Home Children

Database of British Home Children - from the Canadian National Archives.

A History of Music Halls and Theatres

Cheshire Look Up Exchange - a growing list of volunteers willing to help people researching their Cheshire ancestors.

G J Oliver: 11th June 2008

This website has been completely up-dated and redesigned to take account of latest HTML 4.01 technology and now has its own domain name and hosting package. This should allow for it to have room to grow and to add new features.

Previously it was hosted on my free webspace with AOL and space had become so tight the site was in danger of stagnating.

G J Oliver: 1 May 2008 - a History and Photo Guide to Mossley .

Dating Old Photographs - wonderful website with very good explanations to help you date your old photographs.

War Graves Photographic Project - the aim of The War Graves Photographic Project is to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, MoD grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day and make these available within a searchable database.This project aims to photograph in excess of 1.75 million graves or memorials from Commonwealth Nations and many from other military forces around the world.

New page added - Can you Help to re-unite this photographic album with its family.

Civil Registration page up-dated to include deaths in Stalybridge 1937-1969, Dukinfield 1937-1969, Audenshaw 1901-1937, Mossley 1937-1969.

Site respidered for Pico search engine.

G J Oliver: 17 February 2008

Tameside Links and Tameside Address pages up-dated. Civil Registration page up-dated to include Stalybridge Deaths 1897-1937 added to Cheshire BMD this month. A major redesign of my readers' messages pages - hope you like the improvement. I have split them and archived them into years and will soon be ready to start adding messages in 2008. I hope they are easier to search now in bite size chunks of one year at a time.

New Websites added this month

Family Tree Forum - similar to Roots Chat, but with some research guidance and a Forum WIKI.

Google Books - Old and rare books downloadable in PDF format for free. Go to Advanced Search and then click on full view before you search.

Guardian and Observer Newspapers' Digital Archive - Pay site, but with full Guardian Newspaper archive 1821-date, and the Observer 1900-date will release images back to 1785 in the new year sometime. A little difficult to get used to using the search engine and saving articles, but worth it because the Guardian Newspaper started off as the Manchester Guardian, so holds quite a lot of local news in the early years.

British History OnLine - Freely searchable database of main Historical sources, a much improved maps database of the original first series OS maps, county histories, ecclesiastical papers and parliamentary archives. This site has been included in my history section for a couple of years now, but now has a very much improved search facility for their old OS Maps.

Anne Lehmkuhl's comprehensive South African Research Resource

Free Rice - Improve your word power and donate rice for free.

All links checked and website respidered for search engine

G J Oliver: 3 December 2007

Family Family History Social Networking plus GRO indexes and Parish Register Transcriptions . Overseas BMDS currently FREE. Census info in Beta Testing for release soon - Annual subscriptions 37.50 GB Pounds very cheap - watch this space.

BMD The National Archives in conjunction with S & N Genealogy - nonconformist, Jewish and Quaker registers searchable on-line - quite expensive for images.

Tameside Radio real local community radio.

Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks - recently added Oldham St Mary's baptisms.

Cheshire Parish Register Project - stalled for quite a while, but this project seems to be active again with regular up-dates, works quite well after you have learned the system of searching the databases and codes.

Gazetteer of British Places Names - exhaustive list of 50,000 place names

Nationmaster - nation by nation statistics and maps etc.

Anglo Saxon Language and Culture.

North Lancs Probate Index - an index of all surviving probate documents for the Western Deaneries of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, 1748-1858 has been prepared. The deaneries included are Amounderness, Copeland, Furness, Kendal and Lonsdale.

Old Liverpool Newspaper Extracts.

London Docklands Transcribed Parish Registers

Railway Archives

Price and Associates - professional genealogists, but this is a superb page of weblinks - nearly does away with this one:)

Family Search WIKI - worldwide on-line family history encyclopaedia based on Wikipaedia

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire- including Volume Indexes

Scottish Graveyards.

Happy Haggis - probably the best Scottish Genealogy Page

Welsh Genealogy Links.

Essays on the Irish Diaspora

Irish Names Database

Irish Townland Database

Library Ireland Books plus Historical and Topographical Ireland

Irish Family Research - searchable databases of Directories, Griffiths etc. plus Maps

My Irish Ancestry - join Irish Family History Communities

Irish Genealogy Links page.

Australian Family History Compendium - gateway to Australian Archives and Sources.

New South Wales State Archives.

Australia and New Zealand Passenber Lists.

Claim a Convict - a site linking people with a shared convict ancestors and masses of other information.

Convict Links - comprehensive list of sources and links.

Convict Central - great site - including all convict ships details, Western Australian Convicts - Millitary Pensioners sent to Australia to settle - Convict women sent to the female factory - stories about individual convicts.

Convicts Australia - recommended by a friend as the best site she has found for convict ancestors giving varied information about convicts transported to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This is goldmine, not only of tickets of leave and certificates of freedom, but absconders, Government Regulations, Old Bailey indexes, Newgate Prison Records and much more even convict tatoos.

National Archives of South Africa.

New links added to pages on the Tameside council Website

All links checked and website respidered for search engine

G J Oliver: 15th October 2007

Labourers sent to work in the Tameside under the Poor Law

BMD Pages amend to add the following to cheshireBMD.orguk:

Deaths: 45,436 for Dukinfield, Tameside (1837-1897) replacing all previous entries to add in age at death.

Deaths: 10,497 for Ashton Town, Tameside (1901-1911)

Wills and Probate Page amended:

New Reader's messages added:


New Manchester Central Library page

Irish Genealogy Projects County by County database of volunteer transcriptions.

Rudy's Archaic Medical Terms

Heritage Gateway

Symbols on Gravestones and their meanings

Downloadable family history forms and charts

Gerald England's new Old Hyde Blogspot

G J Oliver: August 2007

BMD pages amended to add 10,635 Civil Marriages for Tameside.

New websites added:

G J Oliver: June 2007

New Page added with a guide to finding burial records and graveyard inscriptions in Tameside

BMD Page amended to include major up-dates to the Tameside BMD Project *********One Million Registrations now on-line.************

New Websites added:

  • Railway Ancestors Family History Society - including a very useful message board to register and exchange information.
  • 1901 Instututions - Jeff Knaggs personal webpage where he has extracted all known institutions from the 1901 census.
  • Manchester Diocese website
  • Canal Junction - boat people and the Canal Heritage Trust.
  • Fairground Heritage
  • Lancashire Constabulary - records with search facilties
  • Slave Trade Abolition Petition - the transcription work of the 1806 petition in support of abolition of the slave trade, undertaken by several members Manchester and Lancs. FHS.The archives are very keen to know of anyone who recognises a possible ancestor amongst the signatories. The website hopes to host transcriptions of other petitions soon.
  • Familia - Museums and Libraries Archives Council directory of family history resources held in public libraries in the UK and Northern Ireland. The Tameside information is very out of date, but is very strong on the resources held at Stockport which aren't listed anywhere else on-line.
  • Castle Hall, Stalybridge "A reeght good bit of nostalgia" - fabulous website, with many many photographs, brass band music and stories and poems about this fond remembered area of Stalybridge.

G J Oliver: May 2007

Returned Prisoners of War: Ashton, Stalybridge and Hyde
Reporter Articles including the names of 363 men
Memorial Inscriptions and WWI Memorial
from inside Micklehurst All Saints Church
NEW for 2007 - Photographs of Tameside Churches
NEW for 2007 - Linda Corbett's new "Ashton Pals" website

G J Oliver: January 2007

New Websites Added

Longsight Memories - comprehensive Longsight archive including Belle Vue.

British Home Children - Canadian website of children transported there from Britihs Orphanages.

Gypsy Ancestors - Do you have Gypsy ancestors.

Methodist Ancestors - Rylands Library Database.

Derbyshire Wills - Alphabetical will calendars for Derbyshire.

Borthwick Institute - University of York and Prerogative Court of York Archives.

BOPCRIS - British Official and Parliamentary Papers.

The Few - Battle of Britain.

World War One Battlefields

Photobucket - free on-line photo hosting site.

G J Oliver: 3 December 2006

All pages marked with on the Index page have been checked and information up-dated.

G J Oliver: 1st December 2006.

All pages marked with on the Index page have been checked and information up-dated.

G J Oliver: 27 September 2006.

G J Oliver: 15 August 2006.

History Links - new websites added:

  • Useful Historical Dates - John Owen Smith's list of useful dates for local and family historians.
  • Currency converter - Currency Converter from the National Archives website.
  • Palindex - The best paleography tutorial I have found on-line.
  • The East India Company -For people with ancestors in the East India Company including births, marriages and embarkation lists.
  • Mossley On-line - newly revamped webpage with a good photogallery.

Also Tameside Addresses page updated and the page on Wills and Probate Records.

G J Oliver: 1st June 2006.

History Links - new websites added:

Civil Registration, Census Returns and Wills and Probate Records pages up-dated.

G J Oliver: 21 May 2006.

History Links - new websites added:

G J Oliver: 6 April 2006.

Nonconformity Firsts in Dukinfield - a whole series of new pages added.

Civil Registration page amended: ****All births for Tameside on the Cheshire BMD Project are now on-line up until 1974****

G J Oliver: 15 March 2006.

History Links - new websites added:

Civil Registration page amended: All births for Tameside on the Cheshire BMD Project are now on-line up until 1974 except for Ashton-under-Lyne currently up to 1951, will be complete early in the New Year.

G J Oliver: 10 December 2005.

History Links - new websites added:

Civil Registration page amended: All births for Tameside on the Cheshire BMD Project are now on-line up until 1974 except for Ashton-under-Lyne currently up to 1937, will be complete early in the New Year.

Read about the 1911 Census on the Census page - not good news.

G J Oliver: 18 October 2005.

History Links - masses of NEW Family History weblinks added.

G J Oliver: 11 September 2005.

New Research Guide about Wills added plus website re-indexed by search engine and all other pages reviewed to check they contain the most up-to-date information possible.

G J Oliver: 24th July 2005.

See Index Page for up-dated pages plus website re-indexed by search engine

G J Oliver: 13th June 2005

Tintwistle Burials 1798-1812 - transcription by Glenycs Voevodin-Keough

Census Returns page amended and Family History Links up-dated

G J Oliver: 1st May 2005

Tameside Family History Photo Centre

Various new additions to functionality and content on Home Page

Brand New Photo Centre on the Index Page

G J Oliver: 1st April 2005

New Links, Memories, Messages, more information about The New Archve Centre and Tameside Register Office

For further up-to-date information about the New Archive Centre click here

All pages checked to see that the information they contain is current and as up-to-date as possible and the on-site search engine has been re-indexed. New websites added to Family History Links page. Two from the British Library a) Collect Britain, b) Dialects and English Accents c)The Hat Site and new Memories and Messages added.

Pages about Medieval Customs and covenants amended regarding the Lord of the Manor's corn Mill.

G J Oliver: 10th March 2005

New Local Studies and Archives Centre opening 14th March 2005

For a couple of pictures and details of new opening hours etc. click here

All pages checked to see that the information they contain is current and as up-to-date as possible and the on-site search engine has been re-indexed. New Memories and Messages added

G J Oliver: 13th February 2005

Pages up-dated and all Links checked and site Re-indexed

All pages checked to see that the information they contain is current and as up-to-date as possible and the on-site search engine has been re-indexed. Many of the pages have been amended and new links added.

G J Oliver: 6th December 2004

New Section Added - Land Tax Transcriptions

Transcriptions of the Land Tax Returns for: Mottram in Longdendale, Matley, Godley, Stayley, Tintwistle, Hattersley, Hyde, Werneth, Hollingworth all circa the 1790s. Also some new messages and memories and the site re-indexed by Pico Search.

G J Oliver: 19th November 2004

LEES Family Puzzle

Please help to solve a family puzzle The LEES Family of Tanners Fold, plus new messages and memories added.

G J Oliver: 7th November 2004

New Millbrook World War I site

A new microsite has been added giving details of soldiers missing from the rolls of honour in Millbrook, Carrbrook and Heyheads, and 300 names missing from the Stalybridge War Memorial Millbrook World War I, plus others up-dated and new messages added.

G J Oliver: 29th October 2004

New Up-dates and Page added

A new page has been added giving up-to-date news on the development of Tameside's New Archive Centre, plus others up-dated and new messages added.

G J Oliver: 9th October 2004

Pages up-dated and all Links checked and site Re-indexed

All pages checked to see that the information they contain is current and as up-to-date as possible and the on-site search engine has been re-indexed. Many of the pages have been amended and new links added.

G J Oliver: 26th September 2004

Pages up-dated

Various pages up-dated, Reader's messages, Tameside Links, Tameside Addresses etc.

G J Oliver: 25th July 2004

New Local Webpage

Stalybridge.Org Welcome back to this website all about Stalybridge. This website used to exist and then merged for a time under the Vegas Town Banner. The Vegas Town website disappeared about eighteen months ago, so WELCOME back to an old favourite.

G J Oliver: 20th May 2004

New Local Webpage

Castle Hall, Stalybridge Relatively new website all about the history of the Castle Hall area of Stalybridge whch was demolished in the 1960/70's. Lots of info re: schools, churches, Whitsuntide, pantomimes, queens, buildings, organisations, traditions and more.

G J Oliver: 15th May 2004

New Page Added

I have just added a list of Marriage Registers held at Tameside Register Office. This page also attempts to explain the difference between GRO (General Register Office) and Local Register Office indexing

Website re-indexed with search engine.

G J Oliver: 14th May 2004

New and Up-dated Pages

I have amended all pages on this website to included up-dated information of Parish Registers, The Parish Map and the I.G.I

I have also included a new page detailing where these records are incomplete

Readers Messages and Memories

Lots of new information added here: MESSAGES and MEMORIES

G J Oliver: 9th May 2004

E-Tameside Awards Night

This website voted Best Voluntary, Community and Local Interest Group website for 2003. Click here for more information.

Readers Messages and Memories

Lots of new information added here: MESSAGES and MEMORIES

Family History Links page completely re-vamped and site re-spidered.

G J Oliver: 14th April 2004

New Message and Memories pages added and link to Carrbrook Village

Your chance to contribute to these pages new Message and Memories pages added

New link added to Carrbrook Village website and site re-indexed.

G J Oliver: 18th January 2004

Tameside Addresses and Tameside Links up-dated

Addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails up-dated. Site information reviewed for latest information. New website added to Family History Links Hints and Tips for searching using GOOGLE with family history in mind.

Also remember that you can add the surnames you are researching in Tameside to the Dukinfield Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire's website: Click here for more information.. The Dukinfield Group covers both the Lancashire and Cheshire towns that make up Tameside. Also all the birth indexes and very nearly all the marriage indexes for Tameside upto the year 1900 are now on line at: Cheshire BMD.

G J Oliver: 11th January 2004

Pages up-dated and all Links checked

All links checked to see that they are all current and site re-spidered

G J Oliver: 5th December 2003

Recent break from Family History

I had a break from Family and Local History during October and November because I was nursing a terminally ill husband. Sadly he died on the 14th November and is very much missed. Before he died he insisted that I carried on with my interests, so with his encouragement I hope to add new pages in the New Year

G J Oliver: 5th December 2003

New Page added 19th September 2003

Description of Dukinfield circa 1830

New webpage added giving a description of Dukinfield in 1830 abridged from J E Hickey's book, "Dukinfield Past and Present."

G J Oliver: 19th September 2003

New Page added 19th September 2003

Ashton-under-Lyne's Inaugural Corporation

New webpage added giving the names of over two hundred leading men of Ashton who petitioned for the Incorporation of Ashton-under-Lyne and details of the first local councillors elected to serve in November 1847

G J Oliver: 19th September 2003

New Page added 14th September 2003

Nonconformity and Dukinfield

New webpage added briefly explaining the history of nonconformity in this country with particular emphasis on a series of notable first in Dukinfield.

G J Oliver: 14th September 2003

Press Release from Tameside Council 29 July 2003

Press Release from Tameside Council announcing plans to relocate Tameside Local Studies Library from Stalybridge Library to a 1 million pound purpose-built archive centre to the rear of Central Library on Ashton.

The Plans are available for viewing at Stalybridge Local Studies Library inviting comments from library users.

Click here to view press release

G J Oliver: 4th September 2003

Moving Here - New! website launched

New website launched covering 200 years of migration to England. An in-depth resource and gallery of Caribbean, Irish, Jewish and South Asian Migration. Read migration stories and add your own. Click the link below.

G J Oliver: 4th September 2003

North West Regional Archive Council

New website launched including details of this month's North West Archives Festival Events. For more details click below.

G J Oliver: 4th September 2003

Other Websites added in September

G J Oliver: 4th September 2003

What's New

During the period that Dukinfield Town Hall is being refurbished Tameside Register Office will be moving, temporarily, into the old Lakes Road School building with effect from 1st September 2003. The work is expected to take several months. Their new address will be:

Tameside Register Office
Education & Development Centre
Lakes Road
SK16 42R
Tel: 0161-330 1177/1454

G J Oliver: 2nd August 2003

New Web Link

New local website. Please take this opportunity to visit Robert Siddall's Pages of Brookfield Unitarian Church Memorabilia, including a short history of the church written in 1903.

G J Oliver: 2nd August 2003

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